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Questions about the correct application

Regular use is one of the most important components in pulsed magnetic field therapy, with the rule of thumb 3 x 20 minutes a day being very common. Since we have built in an automatic sensor in the ePad Friends, the animals can ideally decide for themselves how often and for how long they want to lie on the mat. There is no overdose, which is why there are no limits to the duration of use.

Regular use is one of the most important components in magnetic field therapy, with the rule of thumb 3 x 20 minutes a day being very common. Since we have built in an automatic sensor in the ePad Friends, the animals can ideally decide for themselves how often and for how long they want to lie on the mat. There is no “overdose”, which is why there are no upper limits.

We recommend the ePad Friends especially for dogs, cats and other small animals. This has mainly to do with the functions and the design. In principle, however, it can also be used for other animal species.

The ePad Friends must not be used if the animal has a pacemaker and other electronic implants (excluding new generation registration chips), metallic implants or ferromagnetic material (e.g. shotgun pellets or metal splinters) in the body. We also advise against its use in epilepsy, pregnancy, fever and malignant tumors or advise a veterinarian prior to use.

Pulsed magnetic therapy should not be used on pacemakers, pregnant women and people with epilepsy. Of course, you can still use the ePad Friends on your pet without hesitation! Please only make sure to keep enough distance to the mat during operation (do not put it directly on the mat).

No, the newer generation of microchips are neither affected nor damaged by using the ePad Friends.

Don’t panic, it’s not unusual at first! Animals perceive the pulsating magnetic field much more strongly than we humans. It can happen that one or the other four-legged friend is skeptical about the ePad Friends at first. To begin with, select a program and set it to run continuously. Give your pet time to get used to the mat. If the animal does not visit the mat after a few days, try a different program and / or move the ePad Friends to a different location.

Pulsed magnetic therapy is a non-invasive treatment method. It is known from the human area that some clients experience a tingling sensation or a feeling of warmth during the application. It stands to reason that animals can also experience such a feeling. It is important that the pulsating magnetic field therapy is felt as pleasantly as possible! If your four-legged friend becomes more and more restless during therapy or feels visibly uncomfortable, we recommend choosing a program with lower frequencies.

Technical Questions

Yes, the ePad Friends must be connected to a socket. But the ePad Friends can also be operated in the car with an adapter for the cigarette lighter.

Do you use a pad or blanket to make it comfortable for your four-legged friend? Please remove all supports and try to trigger the automatic sensor again. Some pads are simply too thick so that the ePad cannot register the movement. It is best to test the automatic sensor as soon as you place your ePad for the first time or a cover or blanket is used. If the sensor still does not trigger, please contact us!

Check all plug connections and the function of the socket to which the ePad Friends is connected. In the event of a defect, send the complete ePad Friends (control unit AND mat) to our headquarters in Styria:

MAS medical products trade & amp; Personalbereitstellung GmbH
Hauptstraße 50
8431 Gralla

Please enclose a letter with your contact details and a brief description of the error with your shipment! As soon as we have more information about the condition of your mat, our technician will contact you and discuss everything else with you.

Questions about service & warranty

Please contact the dealer from whom you purchased the ePad Friends. If you bought the ePad Friends directly from us, please contact us directly:

MAS Medical Products Trade & amp; Personalbereitstellung GmbH
Hauptstrasse 50
8431 Gralla
+43 3452 85512

We have a contingent of test mats available. Are you interested in testing the ePad Friends before buying? Then please contact us and we will discuss everything else!

Questions about payment providers

By storing your bank account and credit card with PayPal, you can decide how you want to pay for every purchase. You can find more information at

Enter your credit card details, done. No need to create an account with Stripe. Your data is encrypted and we have no access to your data. There is no waiting time, because Stripe notifies us immediately as soon as the payment has been made.

Further information: www.stripe .com

cashpresso enables you to pay the ePad Friends in the most flexible installments possible. There is no interest for the first 60 days. This gives you the option to split your purchase into two installments free of charge and complete the return before costs are incurred. If you want to finance purchases over a longer period of time, simply use the flexible installment payment. You choose the rate yourself and can change it at any time – just pay back more, less or everything.

You can find more information on the Cashpresso website at

You place your order today and transfer the invoice amount directly to our bank account. Please use the order number as the purpose. Your order will only be sent after the money has been received on our account.

Our bank details:

Raiffaisen Bank Hallein
IBAN: AT88 3502 2000 0009 6685 < br /> BIC: RVSAAT2S022

With SOFORT Überweisung you can transfer your regular online banking data immediately. You don’t have to open an account. We’ll find out about your transaction immediately and your order can be processed immediately. Convenient and safe. Click. And done.

You can find more information at

General information on pulsating magnetic field therapy

The pulsating magnetic field therapy is a completely painless, non-invasive and versatile form of treatment. 60 small copper coils inside the ePad Friends generate a homogeneous magnetic field on the entire surface of the mat. Since magnetic fields penetrate all materials without loss of energy, the depth effect of the pulsating magnetic field therapy should be emphasized. Deeper tissues, organs, joints, bones etc. can also be treated with the pulsating magnetic field. The treatment with is completely painless! In addition, there is no heating of the tissue, which is why it can also be used without hesitation in inflammatory processes, implants, etc.

If the body goes into a state of emergency, for example in the event of stress, injury or inflammation, the body has to do more to regenerate than usual. The pulsating signals stimulate biological processes in the animal’s body and can ensure better regeneration of the damaged body’s own structures.

This process takes place on the cellular level. Naturopathy assumes that sick cells have a lower magnetic potential than healthy cells. With the help of magnetic field therapy, the weakened cells are supplied with energy and revitalized. The body can regenerate better, symptoms can be alleviated and general well-being can be positively supported.

Magnetic fields have been used for thousands of years to improve various health conditions, etc. Unfortunately, the medical effect of the pulsating magnetic field has not yet been fully researched, but has been used successfully in naturopathy for a long time. If you are interested in studies that examine the effectiveness of pulsating magnetic fields on animals, contact us!

The pulsating magnetic field therapy is mostly used as a supplement to conventional medicine. It can not only be used for physical complaints, but also supports the psychological and general well-being of your four-legged friend. The ePad Friends can accompany an animal for a lifetime – as a wellness treatment, for prevention or targeted treatment for acute or chronic complaints.

If you are not sure whether the pulsating magnetic field therapy is right for your animal, get in touch with one of our ePad Friends partners or contact us!

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